President Uhuru Kenyatta announced a minimum wage increase of 12 percent with effect from 1st May 2022, to cushion workers against further erosion of their purchasing power.

Noting that for over three years there has been no review of the minimum wages while the cost of living has increased with inflation ranging between 5 to 6 percent annually, the President said the Government has found it necessary to increase the minimum wages.

In that regard, and in full appreciation of the critical contribution of workers to the economy; following the recommendation of various stakeholders; as a caring Government, we find that there is a compelling case to review the minimum wages so as to cushion our workers against further erosion of their purchasing power while also guaranteeing the competitiveness of our economy,” the President said.

As such, Regulation 2 (2) of the REGULATION OF WAGES (GENERAL) ORDER provides that:- “the minimum wage rates and conditions of employment shall apply to all employees including employees to whom other wages regulation orders made under the Act apply if the minimum wage rates and conditions of employment set forth in such orders are less favorable than those set forth in this Order”.

If you are an Employer be prepared to effect the changes to the following attached classes of Employees immediately as we await gazettment of the executive order through a legal notice.

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