Our Process

Regulated public and corporate entities in Kenya are required to conduct their business affairs full compliance with the Constitution, all applicable sector legislation, regulations and processes. The ramifications of non-compliance are far reaching both for the institutions and officers involved.

The firm has built strategic capacity in this area to assist both public sector clients as well as private sector players that have engagements with public bodies. The practice area is one of the fastest growing components of the firm’s practice and is overseen by a highly experienced team of lawyers with expertise in various aspects of public sector administration including policy formulation, different categories of compliance audits as well as legislative drafting.

Building on the unique advantage that the firm enjoys as one of the few firms with an elaborate offering in the area, the team continues to add to the firm’s market leadership status. The categories of clients that frequently engage the firm in relation to this practice area include State Corporations, National Government Ministries, County Governments and Assemblies, investors and public listed companies.

Legal, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) & Regulatory Compliance

We guide  companies to prepare for a decarbonized and carbon neutral future by assessing their current Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impacts, creating Science-Based Targets, and engaging effectively with key stakeholders.

Our lawyers advise clients across all sectors on ESG risks and compliance measures, helping businesses manage their risks more effectively while becoming more competitive in the market. We have extensive knowledge of sustainable performance-related laws and regulations, standards and initiatives and are able to advise clients on fulfilling their corporate ESG commitments.

We also conduct:

a) Training & Sensitization Seminars

We train the management on corporate governance practices, and publicize legislative and regulatory changes an affecting the industry.

b) Developing and Monitoring Compliance with Policies

We assist corporates, NGOs and public bodies to develop policies and monitor compliance with the procedure and policies (i.e. the employment handbook, sexual harassment policy, the disciplinary policy etc.)

We further assist in developing, maintaining and regularly update RISK MANAGEMENT Policies and procedures through LEGAL AUDITS for all functionalities such as procurement and review the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).