1: Money

> Don’t send money directly to the Seller or their Advocate unless your Qualified Advocate advises

> Don’t pay the whole amount at once. Deposits are to be at least 10%
> Don’t pay in hard cash!.

2: Not having your Lawyer

>DON’T engage in any property transaction without appointing your own Qualified Advocate

> Your Qualified Advocate shall advise you on the documents to be signed and other important experts such as Surveyors & Valuers

3: Relying on Influencers

> Don’t make a decision to buy land based solely on Journalists, Social Media Influencers, Pastors, Friends, and TV Adverts!

>Influencers CANNOT do due diligence, on your behalf

4: Buying in Secrecy

>Don’t buy property without informing your family or close friends or confidants or spouse

>They may give you an alternative opinion or warn you of impending risks

5: Not doing a Site Visit

>Don’t buy property without a physical site visit or through your power of Attorney or Qualified Advocate to make sure the land is VACANT

>Upon your Qualified Advocate’s advice, engage a Qualified Surveyor to map out the beacons on Second Site Visit

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